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Budgets and Expenditure in Subregion North America and the Caribbean

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2016 {"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018],"budget":[20.60068171,20.41675768,21.983955902,23.82731682,29.78931089,35.78249307],"expenditure":[11.83280543,11.1219198,9.16138218,12.39485274,null,null]} {"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018],"p1":[7.78175938,9.69776191,12.952736702,15.06503312,17.62975618,27.51487535],"p2":[8.88357933,7.44870104,9.0312192,8.7622837,12.15955471,8.26761772],"p3":[null,null,null,null,null,null],"p4":[3.935343,3.27029473,null,null,null,null]} {"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018],"p1":[6.53560163,6.93738674,6.22442657,8.80342582,null,null],"p2":[4.20904446,3.56395855,2.93695561,3.59142692,null,null],"p3":[null,null,null,null,null,null],"p4":[1.08815934,0.62057451,null,null,null,null]}
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People of Concern - 2018 [projected]

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Operational environment

Canada continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to the protection of refugees within its jurisdiction and globally through its robust asylum system, its high level of refugee admissions through resettlement, and financial contributions to UNHCR as one of the top donors. This positive support for refugees extends to the Canadian public, with funds raised through private sector partnerships having grown three-fold over the past three years. Canada has seen an ongoing increase in the number of people seeking asylum in recent years, including a notable increase in irregular arrivals from the United States of America.
As of early 2017, the operating environment in the United States of America considerably shifted as a result of uncertainty regarding the continuity of the American refugee assistance policy and funding following the 2016 elections. Furthermore, instability in Central and South America prompted large movements of refugees northwards, presenting new protection challenges for both the United States of America and countries in the Caribbean.
Throughout 2017, the States and territories in the Caribbean pursued both regional and country-level efforts to establish and strengthen protection-sensitive entry mechanisms, reception capacity, and asylum systems. As population movements increase, the region remains committed to enhancing protection standards within the Brazil Plan of Action.

Response and implementation

UNHCR continues supporting the Government of Canada to further align its asylum and detention systems to international standards and to increase resettlement levels, including through additional pathways such as private sponsors and scholarships. UNHCR intends to support Canada to maintain its fair asylum system with reasonable processing timeframes in spite of the increasing numbers of asylum-seekers, and supporting authorities to systematically implement alternatives to detention, for children and their parents, and people with mental health needs. A reform to end immigration-related detention, especially of children, was initiated with UNHCR accompanying the roll-out of alternatives to detention. UNHCR will also continue to work towards sustaining the increased public interest and support for refugees in Canada and globally, by implementing an expanded communication and visibility strategy.

2018 Budget for North America and the Caribbean | USD

Operation Pillar 1
Refugee programme
Pillar 2
Stateless programme
Pillar 3
Reintegration projects
Pillar 4
IDP projects
Canada 1,836,75650,595001,887,351
United States of America Regional Office 25,678,1198,217,0220033,895,142
Total 27,514,8758,267,6180035,782,493

2018 Voluntary Contributions to North America and the Caribbean | USD

Earmarking / Donor Pillar 2
Stateless programme
United States of America Regional Office
European Union 599,010 599,010
United States of America Regional Office subtotal 599,010 599,010
Total 599,010 599,010