Brazil Plan of Action

Brazil Plan of Action

In Brazil football is a culture, and a way of integrating refugees in the country.​
UNHCR/L. Godinho

In December 2014, virtually all governments of Latin America and the Caribbean adopted the Brazil Declaration and its Plan of Action.

This establishes a roadmap to strengthen protection and promote sustainable solutions for refugees, displaced and stateless people in the region within a framework of enhanced cooperation and solidarity. 

UNHCR’s activities in 2016-2017 

In support of States, UNHCR will mobilize efforts to achieve five main goals over the next two years: 
  • Realizing comprehensive solutions and supporting the peace process in Colombia, fostering the solidarity resettlement programme in Latin America, the labour mobility programme and local integration ;
  • Addressing protection needs of those who are fleeing violence at the hands of organized crime and gangs from the northern triangle of Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras);
  • Supporting the consolidation of a common asylum space in the MERCOSUR area, namely through the Quality Assurance Initiative for refugee status determination; 
  • Strengthening protection and solutions response capacities in the Caribbean, through the establishment of a regional consultative mechanism; 
  • Advance the eradication of statelessness on the continent through the ratification of relevant international instruments, solving gender discrimination in transmitting nationality. 

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