For information on UNHCR’s operations in Ukraine prior to 2016, please visit the Regional Office in Ukraine page. 

Operation: Opération: Ukraine



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Key Figures

2019 planning figures
70% of IDPs households are living in adequate dwellings
40,000 IDPs and 2,500 refugees and asylum seekers receive legal assistance
7,000 IDPs will receive cash grants and 2,500 IDPs in-kind support
500 refugees and asylum-seekers will receive livelihood training
500 stateless persons will be assisted with acquisition of nationality
2017 year-end results
70,710 IDPs received core relief, much of it related to winterization (distribution of coal, winter clothing); and 5,521 received cash support
1,870 and 493 refugees and asylum-seekers received in-kind and cash assistance respectively
34,880 IDPs and 2,154 refugees and asylum-seekers and 684 stateless persons received legal assistance
7,680 IDP households received either support to repair their houses or long-term permanent shelter
440 stateless persons received advice on acquisition or confirmation of nationality

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Decrease in
2017 1,844,785
2016 1,845,246


[["Refugees",3257],["Asylum-seekers",6229],["IDPs",1800000],["Returned refugees",5],["Stateless",35294]]
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